High Point University

International Student Profile: Ashanti Smith

Pictured is Ashanti Smith, HPU freshman from the Bahamas. Photo By: Devon Wilkinson

By Devon Wilkinson// News Editor

Ashanti Smith traveled more than 770 miles in order to attend High Point University.

Smith is a freshman from Stuart Manor Exuma in the Bahamas.

Even though the Bahamas are very different from the Unites States, Smith can’t recall ever feeling a sense of culture shock.

“I have been coming to the United States as long as I can remember so nothing ever seemed out of the ordinary to me,” Smith said.

Although Smith is accustomed to the American way of living, she still experiences variations between the two cultures.

“In the Bahamas, everyone is always greeting each other, whether you know them well or not,” Smith said. “When I try to greet people here, they just look really confused or give me funny looks.”

Smith explained how much she misses the friendly atmosphere of the Bahamas. In the future, she wishes this aspect of her culture will become a normality in the United States.

“The opportunities in America are like no other,” Smith said.

The opportunities in the United States and at HPU are what attracted Smith to receive her education at HPU.

Smith is involved in the both the Black Cultural Awareness club and the International Students club. Smith enjoys making friends with other international students and learning about other cultures.

“Sometimes people cannot relate to certain experiences I have and sometimes people have trouble understanding certain things I am saying. Sometimes people think I am speaking a different language,” Smith said.

After Smith graduates from HPU, she plans on relocating to the Cayman Islands where she will use her degree in accounting to pursue a career in offshore banking.