High Point University

Panther report provides students with production experience

By Ameer Tyree// Staff Writer

Panther Report is a conversational sports show that is student-run. The goal of the show is to help sports communication majors and anyone else who is interested in pursuing a career in sports get more experience.

When the sports communication major was announced last year at High Point University, it attracted many students interested in filming, reporting and anchoring on sports shows. Before Panther Report, most students interested in working in the world of sports were only in Sports Link, a student-run broadcasting organization that live streams all the home sports of HPU’s Division 1 programs to the Big South Network.

Panther Report was created as a new outlet for students to get more experience in different areas.

Students develop skills reading from a teleprompter, improvisation on the spot in front of a camera, and creating a show format to stream directly to YouTube each week.

Students can also go out into the field and do sideline interviews, game coverage and even player exclusive’s about the campus and life outside of an athlete’s sport.

Panther Report focuses on HPU sports, other college sports across the nation, and even professional sports.

One thing that makes Panther Report special is that it even includes an E-Sports segment. Games like Dota 2 and League of Legends are breaking out from being considered video games and into the sporting world. This is a progressive way to follow the trends of the industry and be ahead of the curve.

The amount of people getting involved in Panther Report is growing. With each new class of students there are new potential producers, floor managers, camera operators, reporters and anchors.

To get involved with Panther Report, contact Ameer Tyree at tyreea14@highpoint.edu.