High Point University

Meal swapping: get all your favorites right here on campus

By Trevor Brumm


High Point University pulls out all the stops when it comes to dining. From The Point to The Cafe, the employees of HPU’s dining services give it all they have to make the students’ options delicious and plentiful. All dishes cannot be completely unique, however, as many of them draw inspiration from many off campus eateries. If you’re looking to save a little cash, get the most out of your meal plan by eating the same thing on campus instead of off.


The Diner’s Burrito/Burrito Bowl: Chipotle/Barberitos


When you ask an HPU student what their favorite off campus meal is, there is a big chance they name Barberitos or Chipotle. I personally have spent far too much money at Barbs. Fortunately, there is an on campus alternative to satisfy even the biggest burrito cravings, and it comes for free with an HPU meal plan. The Silver Line Diner makes a dang good Burrito. I consider myself a burrito connoisseur, and I have often been more than pleased with the Diner’s iteration. They have all the options you could ask for—salsa, guac that doesn’t cost $100 extra, beans, rice, etc—and will fill you up for those long days of class.


The Point’s Burger: Hops Burger Bar


Veteran Panthers know all of the glory of a Hops Burger Bar burger. The fine people at Hops load that thing up like you’ve never seen, complete with a jalapeño on top. The Point holds its own as well, especially when you try their Southern Charm burger. Topped with Pimento cheese (aka the Caviar of the South) and bacon, burger lovers at HPU can get their fix without breaking the bank. Other favorites include the Hipster, which is topped with Boursin cheese. If you love burgers, the Point is the place to go.



The Grille’s Italian Sub: Jersey Mikes  


Jersey Mikes makes a great sub, especially the original Italian. There’s just something about an Italian sub that makes perfect sense. The way the fresh bread compliments all the meat and cheese, then that last dash of oil and vinegar. Well, as luck would have it, The Grille at HPU cooks up a mean Italian of its own. While it doesn’t have the size that makes Jersey Mikes signature sandwich so legendary, it does have the taste. This sub comes packed with ham, pepperoni, salami, provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion, banana peppers, and honey dijon mustard. Get it with a side of fries and you are good to go.



The Grille’s Chicken Cesar Salad: Panera Bread


Anyway, Panera makes a great Chicken Cesar. It’s healthy and delicious, two staples of a good meal. The Grille’s rendition accomplishes both. It’s your standard chicken cesar salad topped with shredded parmesan cheese, croutons, and tomatoes. Sometimes, especially after one of those long college weekends (wink wink) your body is craving some healthy eats. Stop by The Grille, and this wish will be taken care of.


These are just a few of the food items that HPU has that satisfy you when you are dreaming about your favorite off campus restaurant, and then look at your wallet and then realize you blew all your money on bad decisions and other food. One of the best parts of being a Panther is having a meal plan at your disposal that can be just as good. Eat up everybody.