High Point University

New app for social interaction launches at HPU

By Julie Burkett

Airtime is a new app created by, former Facebook president, Sean Parker. Airtime allows you to video chat with up to ten people at a time. The app is made to link students together and create a community that allows its users to connect together with content like Spotify, Twitch, and YouTube. It allows the students to be together without actually having to walk across campus to see your friends. Airtime eliminates the difficulties that come along with planning study groups and group projects. Everyone can be at a different place and still study with their friends.

Airtime was created to be more than just social media. It connects people together with an intimate environment instead of trying to show off to people. Corey Arvinger, the local correspondent for Greensboro, says. “We believe that there is a new movement of connectedness coming. A new social system in the digital world that can actually help us feel closer to those who matter to us in our lives.”

Airtime is now number 20 on the app store and has been integrated into many schools around the country, it also allows the person to connect with any school around the country. This app is available on IOS, Android and desktop and should be able to video chat on any device seamlessly. This new app will launch at High Point University on October sixth.

But, will this app actually make our lives easier? Will this cause students to become even more out of touch with reality? Or, will this cause more togetherness on college campuses? Corey Arvinger answers these questions in an interview “There is so much going on in people’s lives that we never have time to actually be together. This is where Airtime steps in. Instead of trying to figure out everyone’s busy schedules you can just log in and enjoy people’s company.”

There has been some concern, in the past few years, that social interactions have been becoming more and more obsolete with technology advancement. Is the staple form of communication, face-to-face interactions, crumbling. However, the goal of Airtime is to simply make our lives easier.

Arvinger is confident that this app will be the next big thing. He states, “five years a from now being on live video together will be the norm and Airtime will be the main way to do it. When you pick up your phone Airtime will be the first app you click on.” Airtime will be available to High Point University students on October sixth, 2017. This app, developed by former Facebook founder Sean Parker, will hopefully make communication, group projects and study sessions, easier for the students at HPU.

Airtime is currently accepting applications for Campus Strategist roles on college campuses for the 2017-2018 school year. These positions will be paid. “We are still accepting college ambassadors, and looking for an ambassador or two at HPU, ” says Erik Martin, Airtime ambassador. Those who are interested should visit www.get.airtime.com/campus/ for more details.