Campus Activities Team plans student events on campus


High Point University is well known for always having something going on for students to get involved in or some type of event to keep them entertained.

What some people don’t know, however, is who exactly makes all of these events happen; that’s where CAT comes in.

“CAT stands for the Campus Activities Team,” said Janet Rocha, team president. “We plan, coordinate, and execute many of the student events on campus. The events include venture trips, Wednesday Night Lives, as well as things like Welcome Week. We are also in charge of picking out movies that play in the cinema.”

However, Rocha also points out that all of the events are not on campus; CAT hosts off-site events known as “venture trips.”

“Venture trips are trips that take place outside of campus,” Rocha said. “Have you ever been to Carowinds, ice skating, or spookywoods with HPU? We hosted those events.”

While many of the events are annual, CAT does take suggestions for new events from students.

“A lot of our events are the same as the previous years,” Rocha said. “A lot of students support many of the events we have kept. Otherwise, all new events are suggestions from our students.”

In addition to accepting event ideas from students, CAT shares ideas at a national conference twice a year.

“We then bring these suggestions to the National Association of Campus Activities conference,” Rocha said. “This conference takes place in the fall and the spring. Once we are there, we look for people, shows and different entertainment ideas to bring back to campus.”

The events planned by CAT are spread throughout the year, and there are always events taking place. Specifically in the month of February, there are several events.

“February is filled with a lot of exciting events,” Rocha said. “Feb. 8 we are bringing in Ashlee Haze, a spoken word artist. Feb. 15 we are hosting a mentalist. Feb. 22 we are hosting a comedian, Emma Willman. In March, we are going to another Carolina Hurricanes game, which is very popular in attendance.”

If you’re interested in getting involved in the planning of these events as well and joining CAT, Rocha encourages you to do so.

The next CAT meeting will be on Monday, Feb. 20 at 7 p. m., location to be determined. Contact Rocha at [email protected] for additional details.

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