International Student Profile: Heze Zheng


Originally from China, Heze Zheng, otherwise known as Jerry, decided to leave his home to study in the United States. Four years later, Zheng is now a senior at High Point University.

“My aunt was living in High Point, so I heard about HPU from her,” Zheng said.

While some students find the college decision process overwhelming, Zheng had no hesitations when choosing HPU.

“After I did some research about HPU, I found that it was the perfect school for me,” Zheng said.

Some international students experience cultural shock when studying abroad – Zheng did not experience any culture shock.

“I prepared myself for life in America so I would have an easier transition,” Zheng said.

Zheng prepared for the United States by watching movies and documentaries.

“I miss Chinese food,” Zheng said. “I mean real Chinese food, not American Chinese food like Panda Express.”

Zheng loves the freedom of being an independent college student here in the United States that comes along with his own creative voice.

“You can use your creative thought whenever and wherever,” Zheng said. “There won’t be anyone to come up to you and tell you what to do. Professors and advisors will only give you suggestion, but the final step always depends on what you decide.”

Zheng is in the process of deciding whether he wants to return to China or stay in the United States after graduation.

“I would like to work for a year and gain some experience,” Zheng said. “During work, I might study for my GRE test to get into graduate school.”

“I honestly couldn’t have pictured my last four years any better, and I have my friends and HPU to thank for that,” Zheng said.

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