Juliette Gabriel exemplifies community service values at HPU


High Point University greatly emphasizes volunteering and service in the community, something HPU junior Juliette Gabriel has spent most of her life doing.
Gabriel is a prominent sponsor of the H. E.R. O. campaign, an organization devoted to raising awareness about designated drivers. She donated approximately $2,500 to the organization by asking for donations in lieu of gifts on her 21st birthday.
“Drunk driving remains a very serious issue, especially with college students. I admire how the H. E.R. O. campaign just takes control. It makes a huge impact in raising awareness for designated drivers,” Gabriel said.
Gabriel became a sponsor of the organization as a Miss Night contestant in high school. She has been a passionate supporter of anti-drunk driving organizations since she lost a close friend to a drunk driving accident when she was nine years old.
Since then, she and her family have signed on to support the cause. Her mother is on the board of directors and every year her family participates in a walkathon in Ocean City, New Jersey to raise money for the cause.
“I’m involved in a lot of different groups. I plan to continue doing service for others and sponsor organizations as a contestant for Ms. New Jersey and for ‘Belle of the Ball,’” Gabriel said.
She is also involved in numerous service organizations both on and off campus such as the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and the American Cancer Society.
“I have cousins who are afflicted with diabetes and family members with cancer so these are also important issues for me,” Gabriel said.
Gabriel plans to continue doing service work by raising money and volunteering for service organizations, and she remains strongly invested in preventing future drunk driving accidents.

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