Q&A with SGA president president-elect


Alexandra Archuleta will take over as the SGA president starting in fall 2023. The Campus Chronicle sat down with her to discuss her future position. Here is what she said:

Q: What prompted you to run for SGA president?

A: I have had the amazing opportunity to be a part of SGA over the last two years as both the secretary as well as the vice president, but I felt that there was still more for me to contribute and to accomplish. Serving our university in this capacity is a great honor for me, and I am so excited to take on the challenge.

Q: What changes would you like to see at HPU?

A: I think the largest change I hope to see at HPU is an increased desire from students to help improve the university for future generations. The SGA is a wonderful forum for students to influence not only the way the administration interacts with the student body, but also the opportunities they themselves and their peers are afforded. I believe that if every student understood how he or she could affect positive change, everyone would want to be involved in SGA.

Q: What is your major and your dream job?

A: I am a media and popular culture communication major with a minor in psychology. I hope to work in brand management after graduation, but my dream job would definitely be to work for the Travel Channel. I am obsessed with the idea of traveling and enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone. Food, culture and societal issues are my passion, and I could engage all three if I were to become somewhat of a millennial Anthony Bourdain, traveling the world and writing about my experiences.

Q: What inspires you?

A: People – plain and simple. I am most inspired by strong people, women in particular, that aren’t afraid to fail on their path to success. Women like Ellen DeGeneres, Michelle Obama, Emma Watson, Bell Hooks and my own mother are women I admire for their work ethic and positivity.

Q: Have you used anything President Nido Qubein has taught in your life at High Point University?

A: I had the great opportunity to attend the annual donor’s gala for the High Point United Way as a representative of SGA along with (2020-17 SGA President) Rachel Callaway. Dr. Qubein and Mrs. Mariana Qubein were two of the many guests in attendance, and it was an honor to speak with them. I think that Dr. Qubein serves as an excellent example to each and every student in the way he gives back to the community. Service has always been a large part of my educational career, but Dr. Qubein has taught me how important service is and how being humble is a cornerstone of success.

Q: Do you have any plans in place once you are inaugurated as SGA President?

A: My largest goal during my term as SGA President is to become a better listener. I feel that students don’t often realize the importance of their voice and how they can make a change. I feel that as president, it is my job to listen and make sure their voices are heard.

Q: Why is being part of SGA important to you?

A: Being part of SGA is important to me because it is my way to give back a fraction of what HPU has given to me. HPU has become my home over the last three years, and I feel that I have truly and honestly become part of one of the most wonderful college communities in the country. The amount of caring people I have come to know is extraordinary, and I hope to help shape the university for future generations so that every student can have the same extraordinary experience I’ve had.

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