The style guy: A guide for men


By Tyler Yarema

Comments on Business Attire

• When it comes to business dress, stick to your blues and grays. Black should be saved for funerals and for children to wear at their first communion.

• It is perfectly acceptable to have fun – in moderation. Play with bold patterns in your socks and pocket square.

• A building starts with the foundation: Invest in a pair of quality shoes. Good care can make them last a decade.

• Wingtips. ’Nuff said.

• On Casual Business: try a gingham shirt with a knit tie. Perfect match.

• Don’t be afraid to layer. If it’s cold, add a sweater over your shirt and tie.

• Never match your tie/bow tie and pocket square. Be creative. Find one color in common and let your mind do the rest.

• Less is more. Don’t try to make the bow tie and square perfect. Throw it on, and get out the door.

• Want a small detail to go a long way? Monogram.

• On fit: everyone has a different body, so find your perfect fit. The keys are pants break, sleeve length, jacket waist and shoulders.

• Lose the belt. Start buying slacks that match your waist.

• Thus, find a tailor you trust. No suit is ready to wear off the rack.

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