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College is the start of your professional career. However, this career comes with great responsibility as we are to decide to focus on a certain subject throughout our college life. This can be very overwhelming for a lot of people, and some decide on a major of a subject for which they received a decent grade in high school. This is not what we should focus on. You should look within yourself and understand what you are passionate about. Whatever that may be, you should want to strive to accomplish as much as you can in that area of study.

Popular majors at High Point University are exercise science, biology and chemistry. All of these are prerequistes if one wants to go to medical school in the future. “My major is in biology and I chose this because I wanted to be a dentist my sophomore year of high school,” said Will Via. “The reason why I wanted to be a dentist is because my dad is a dentist and I worked with him for a few summers. I eventually realized that this was something I can do and something that I can really enjoy.”

Biology is a prerequisite for dental school, explained Via. To continue on this path towards dental school, he needs to excel in his classes so that he is successfully able to continue his education in the future. “This summer, I am planning on doing research with biologists in multiple places to help me get a head start on things,” Via said. “Maybe I will not end up being a dentist, but I hope that I can do something involving my major for the rest of my life.”

Because of his passion for his major and potential future career, Via has explored other options for himself and has decided to further himself by doing outside research with professionals in the field.

Of course, passion is not just limited to those planning on going into the medical field in the future.

“I am a criminal justice major with a focus in pre-law, and I chose my major because I’ve always had a fascination with crime and investigations,” said Ha’Leigh Warden. “I love my major because everything I’ve ever done in any of my classes has only sparked my interest more. Everything that I do in these classes and with these projects directly relates to what I want to do in the future.”

As Warden went on to explain, her passions have been able to line up. Her end goal, in relation to her major, is to eventually help children in a very unique way. “After I graduate from High Point, I want to go to law school,” Warden said. “After that, I eventually want to work in CINA, which stands for Children in Need of Assistance. This program helps children get out of bad situations that they’re in. They’re just children and they don’t have anything to do with the way they are raised or brought up. They don’t deserve to be around drugs. They don’t deserve to be abused by others. I want to be the person that can make that difference for them.”

Warden’s initial interest in criminal justice has led her down a path that will eventually lead her to law school. She plans to do something with children either way because of the fact that they have been a source of “passion and happiness” for her throughout her life.

One of the more popular majors that was discussed by students was business related. “I chose my major, which is entrepreneurship, because I felt like I could interact with more people by doing this,” said Sam Wojciechowski. “My dream job would be owning a sports complex. I want to be my own boss in the future, and since I love sports, this would be a good fit for me. I would love to hang out around kids all day and be able to teach them new things and improve their skills in their sports.”

With so many differing interests and personalities not only on campus, but in the world, there is an endless possibility of potential majors. Whether a person’s interest is in the medical field or is completely business related, there is always a reason behind their life choices, which makes everyone’s end goal unique and special.

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