What’s the coolest building on campus?


High Point University doesn’t cut corners when it comes to providing its students with the latest and greatest in educational facilities. The city of High Point is known as the Silicon Valley for furniture, with thousands of individuals coming to the High Point Market in the fall and spring. Due to this, there is no doubt there would be neat and unique furniture in each facility on campus.

Within the past ten years, the campus has grown immensely. HPU has built so many new buildings such as Cottrell Hall, the upcoming Congdon School of Health and Fred Wilson School of Pharmacy building and the upcoming Founders Street residence hall.

Currently, Cottrell Hall is the newest building on campus and is a popular study spot. Slane Student Center is the next biggest competition with there being a Starbucks as well as a state-of-the art recreation center with the Cafe, a Subway and Chick-Fil-A located on the bottom floor. The post office, Office of Student Life and plenty of study areas make it a good place for students to come together to study or shoot some hoops.

The Wanek Center has endless amount of food choices and features as well. With the Extraordinaire Cinema and arcade located downstairs, it’s hard to compare to other buildings. Furthermore, no one can forget the famous 1924 Prime Steakhouse located on the fourth floor. With a library also located within this building, it’s hard to not have it as a favorite. However, the School of Education, Nido R. Qubein School of Communication and Plato S. Wilson School of Commerce come in close seconds.

With all of these amazing choices, it is truly hard to decide which building is the best on campus. The uniqueness of the buildings keeps growing with more and more additions each year. Therefore, the question that remains is, which building is the coolest on campus?

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