Extraordinary student profile: Emily Sokol, founder of The White Tail


High Point University is truly an inspiring environment and has many student entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are a huge part of our world today. They are the key to starting incredible businesses that really make a difference. Although many may have various ideas, only some go out and make their dream an actual reality. HPU sophomore Emily Sokol created The White Tail, a business that helps animals in need. In this way, she is giving animals a voice as she stands up for them. Sokol has been helping animals by fostering them until they find homes for quite some time. Here is an insight into her business and how she helps animals get the care they need in order to find a permanent home:

Q: What made you want to start The White Tail?

A: I started this because I love animals and their only voice is a human voice. There is so much animal cruelty and huge issues in our world that have to do with the mistreatment of animals. I wanted to take what I love and stand up for it. The day I decided to start with the idea was the day I rescued a four-week-old kitten. The kitten was in need of a serious surgery. She was thrown from a moving vehicle and I had offered to find her a forever home before knowing she had medical issues. I couldn’t help her find a different family without her being healthy, so I went ahead and planned to pay for the surgery myself.

Q: How did you come up with the name?

A: I decided to name my business The White Tail because every animal I seem to fall in love with and form a connection with has a white tail. This includes my dogs, my first foster dog and both of my horses. The kitten I rescued was also all white with a fluffy white tail.

Q: What are you doing with this business?

A: I designed an apparel brand to sell and donate 50 percent of my profits quarterly to various animal rescues world-wide.

Q: What is The White Tail about?

A: It is about spreading awareness and helping animals in need while wearing a t-shirt or hat.

Q: Who is it benefitting? Has it helped anyone/anything so far?

A: It is benefiting animals in need. We just recently made our first donation to a puppy in need with a several-thousand-dollar surgery. We helped contribute to the surgery, and the puppy is now in recovery and is healing well.

Q: Did you ever picture yourself as an entrepreneur?

A: Yes, growing up I have always created small businesses and organizations, and now that I am in proper schooling, I believe that I will be able to go far with this one.

Q: What is your favorite part of this business?

A: I love that I get to be so involved in many different rescues and experience many unique stories. I love that I get to be with animals so much as well.

Q: When did your love for animals start?

A: Ever since I was younger, I loved all animals. I have had many dogs and other pets since then.

Q: What advice do you have for people wanting to start their own businesses?

A: I would say do it. It is so motivating and rewarding. Hard work definitely pays off.

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