Charcoal Pony kicks off Family Weekend


Charcoal Pony is High Point University’s improv troupe. The Ponies have shows throughout the semester and just recently performed during Family Weekend on Sept. 23.

The troupe performed for a packed house in the Hayworth Fine Arts Center.

At lot of time and energy goes into making the show. They rehearse everyday of the week before a performance.

“In rehearsals, we pick the games we are going to play in the shows and we practice them with the specific people we are going to perform with,” said member Jess Cooley.
“We never do what we do in rehearsals at the shows because nothing is scripted. Rehearsals are really just so we are comfortable performing with scene partners.”

Cooley joined the troupe this year, and her first show was the Family Weekend performance.

“I feel like it went really well for my first show,” Cooley said. “I had a lot of people come up to me after and compliment me, which made me feel wonderful considering how nervous I was before we performed.”

If you missed the Family Weekend show, Charcoal Pony is performing again on Oct. 5 in the Extraordinaire Cinema at 7 p. m.

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