Cookies that are worth the drive to Greensboro


The Insomnia Cookies franchise was started by Seth Berkowitz in 2003 while attending the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. He began baking cookies for students in his dorm late at night and delivering them. His first retail store opened in 2004 and the company is still based in New York and Philadelphia. Today, the company has more than 87 locations that make students everywhere happy with warm cookies at 3 a. m. The Insomnia Cookie franchise has extended to many different locations across the United States and one of these is now in Greensboro, just 20 minutes away from High Point University.

This company makes and delivers warm cookies from 11 a. m. to 3 a. m. The locations of the Insomnia Cookie franchise are usually near college campuses as college students often order or want to order food late at night. The location in Greensboro gets a few HPU students, but is packed with many UNCG students.

The store, located on Tate street in Greensboro, is small, but has a nice atmosphere. However, the line was long and it protruded out the door and almost into the street. Upon walking into the store, I noticed that they sell cold milk in a fridge by the door.

Insomnia sells about nine different kinds of cookies, ranging from chocolate chunk to oatmeal raisin. You can even get an ice cream sandwich made from these warm cookies.

You can order up to 300 cookies at once – a special package so that you can buy cookies for your entire dorm hall. The customer service was extremely nice and polite. They understood, and made fun of, the fact that I had obviously never been there before.

Once I finally bought the cookies, I fully realized the hype. The cookies were freshly baked and perfect. The chocolate oozed out of the warm golden brown cookie. I can imagine it now: the perfect finals pick-me-up snack. I opted for the ‘six-pack’ cookie deal; it was around $9, which is a little pricey for cookies, but the quality makes it all worth it.

These cookies are obviously worth the line, and I hope everyone at HPU takes the opportunity to visit the new Insomnia Cookies location.

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