HPU’s pet (un)friendly campus


Nothing lights up a room more than the presence of a fluffy, beautiful, friendly animal. High Point University has a fairly strict policy when it comes to pets on campus. This policy prevents students from experiencing the wonders and responsibilities that come with having a pet. While allergies are to be considered, this concern should be outweighed by all of the benefits. Other options and possibilities come into play that would allow students to have pets without affecting people with allergies.

Animals function as an extremely successful stress reliever. Students at HPU, and any other educational institution, are under a great deal of stress throughout the academic year and could greatly benefit from them. Animals, and specifically pets, serve well as stress relievers, allowing students to maintain a happier, more fulfilled college experience and benefiting from them overall.

College is considered a student’s home-away-from-home. However, sometimes it can feel like just that: away from home. A pet is part of your family from the moment you first meet them. By having a pet at school, it allows students to feel like they have family with them at all times and like they are more at home with their life and settled, making it easier for them to stay focused. A pet gives a sense of comfort and safety within one’s life.

Animals are high maintenance but at the same time they create a sense of responsibility that puts students in a position to learn necessary skills for their future. As we mature, we will be taking on more and more responsibilities, which we will need to learn how to handle. Pets give us that opportunity without completely overwhelming us.

HPU’s policies at this time restrict pets to North College Townhomes. This forces those who want pets to live off campus and be far removed. Students should be able to have pets in multiple housing options. Pets could be limited to specific rooms within a building, as well. This would allow students that did not want pets in their rooms, or those allergic to pets, to be able to choose non-animal-friendly housing options, similar to the way that hotels rent out smoking and non-smoking rooms.

Pets are a great advantage to students that should not be limited. While not all students want pets, those that do should not be restricted from taking on a responsibility that they feel they are ready for. Pets create long-lasting relationships with their owners, giving students an irreplaceable experience of responsibility and care that should be more freely accessible here at the university.

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