Admissions tours ranked No. 1 in ‘Welcome to College’ poll


High Point University yet again proved it is a cut above the rest according to a Welcome To College top school poll. Welcome to College is an organization that allows prospective college students to rank universities according to their experience when they visit the campus. According to their website, the organization aims to “help students and parents connect with the colleges and universities that are right for them.” The Top Schools poll, as voted upon by students’ experiences and ratings, shows High Point University claiming the number one spot. HPU beat out several prestigious universities including Stanford, Harvard and Northeastern University.

At the root of our exceptional tours is the hard-working staff in the admissions office, along with a select group of students known as the university ambassadors. By providing tours every week and working events including open houses and early registrations, they show visitors what High Point University is all about.

“Our Admissions Staff understands our mission and vision to have the best campus visit experience in America and delivers on this every day,” said Andy Bills, vice president of admissions.

“When a family comes, we normally limit tours to a capacity of seven people total for each golf cart. They consist of two to three families whereas other schools have group tours and it will be 20-30 people on a tour. A big part of the tours that separate us from other schools is the fact that people can really get to know an ambassador because of the small size of the tour group. They can ask questions and talk to the ambassador,” said junior and university ambassador Megan May.

She goes on to explain how tour guides follow up with prospective students by “sending out individual letters to the visitors who took tours.” According to May, this is a “big impact because writing letters has become a thing of the past, and it means a lot when somebody takes the time to handwrite you something.”

“After the tour, we give the student a t-shirt and the parents a coffee mug. It shows great hospitality. They always seem surprised at the end of the tour, like things couldn’t get any better,” said May.

Even beyond the incredible hospitality offered by ambassadors and admissions representatives, the entire HPU family exudes the prestigious reputation our school has earned.

“We have so many caring people at HPU and everyone at High Point University is committed and focused on serving our students and guests—from our security guards to our Campus Enhancement team, to the nice folks working in our food service locations, to our faculty, to our president,” said Bills. “Our visitors feel special when they are on our campus and it may be their first time visiting a school… [They] feel that HPU is the right place for them.”

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