University Ambassadors have unique campus perspective


High Point University has always been known for going the extra mile for their students, and the University Ambassador Program is just one way they do this. Not only does the ambassador program provide a unique experience for prospective students who are visiting, but also a one-of-a-kind opportunity for current students.

According to Abby Cianciolo, who serves as a captain of her fellow student ambassadors, this one-on-one tour they are able to offer is something that guests enjoy most.

“Our tours are very personalized and that is not something you receive at every university,” Cianciolo said. “We, as ambassadors, do our best to make sure the tour experience keeps the prospective student at the focus but incorporates our own personal experience. That way, no tour is ever the same. Students and parents that come to visit do not want a scripted tour; they want to hear from students.”

Additionally, Cianciolo believes that the opportunity to have a current student lead campus tours helps prospective students envision themselves as students at HPU.

“When families come to campus, we make the experience more real for students,” Cianciolo said. “They tour with us, real students who have real experiences, and it makes it easier for them to imagine themselves here.”

The experience that it provides for those who are ambassadors is also something unique for students and a great opportunity, according to Danielle Lodato.

“It is a great leadership opportunity, a paid position, an exciting way to meet new people from all over the U. S. and world, and a way to promote HPU and all it has to offer,” Lodato said. “In addition, being a student ambassador helps build customer service and public relations skills, plus you get to work with a great group of people.”

However, the responsibility of serving as a student ambassador isn’t to be taken lightly.

“The responsibilities of being a student ambassador range from weekly tours to working special school events,” Lodato said. “These include open houses for prospective students, spirit nights for admitted students, and guiding the new students during their orientation programs. Ambassadors even have the chance to travel to conventions and the hometowns of admitted students to teach them more about our university.”

At the end of the day, being an ambassador helps those students look at the university in a different light than they do on a daily basis and appreciate it all over again.

“Sometimes when we get busy with school and activities and we take for granted how beautiful our campus is, but leading families on tours gives me an hour or so to forget about school work and relive that initial excitement I felt when I came here for the very first time,” Cianciolo said. “Becoming an ambassador has been hands-down the best decision of my college career.”

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