Dr. D. Allen Goedeke retires after 30 years of service to HPU community


Almost everyone recognizes the name attached to the emails about registration and final exams, but Dr. D. Allen Goedeke plays a much larger role in keeping High Point University running than one might know.

During his 30 years at HPU, he has impacted countless students, the academic programs and the overall community on campus. This semester will conclude his final year at HPU as he heads to retirement.

Goedeke began his career at HPU as an assistant professor of human relations before eventually taking on more administrative work.

His current title is Associate Dean for Academic Development, which encompasses many aspects of administration such as tutoring, summer school, academic services, academic advising, disability support, student progress and much more.

Goedeke also created the Summer Experience program and at one point held the position of social chairman for faculty, which included organizing meetings and social events. He has been in his current position for 18 years since it was created for him in 1997.

Having been here for many years, Goedeke has seen the university go through a lot of changes over the course of his career. While he notes that many of the changes to the school have been fairly noticeable, particularly concerning its physical appearance, the overall academics have grown a great deal as well.

“The quality of education has improved and more is offered to the students,” Goedeke said. “Nothing has not improved.”

Although his current position entails mostly administrative work, a majority of his job involves working directly with students. Particularly during his time as a professor, Goedeke has always been involved in his student’s lives and even made a point of attending games and sporting events of students he had in class.

“I think every teacher shares that same kind of satisfaction when they watch their students walk across the stage,” Goedeke said.

This student interaction is one of the aspects of his job that he is most proud of and one that he will miss the most even though he hasn’t taught in several years.

“Dr. Goedeke is the consummate professional,” said Dr. Craig Curty, director of academic services, said. “His diligent work ethic and dedication to High Point University over the past 30 years will continue to impact institutional stakeholders for years to come.”

While he does not have any specific plans for his retirement, he plans to spend more time doing the things he enjoys most which includes gardening, yard work, antiques, painting and some travel.

“It felt like a good time to retire,” Goedeke said. “I’m going to take some time and enjoy life.”

Dr. Goedeke remarks that HPU has been a great place to work and that he has enjoyed his time here.

“We are losing a dedicated HPU family member who dedicated much of his life to ensure that High Point University is substantially meaningful to all students,” said Dr. Nido Qubein, HPU president. “We will miss him, and we wish him the very best as he enters a new phase of his life.”

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