Alpha Chi Omega hosts Healthy Relationships Week


Healthy Relationships Week is a philanthropy week for Alpha Chi Omega that took place the week of Feb. 12. This week traditionally takes place around Valentine’s Day because it is a time when there is a big focus on relationships.

Nationally, the sisters of Alpha Chi Omega have been holding events that explain what love is and what love is not. This goes along with their philanthropy (domestic violence awareness) as it discusses how couples should treat each other so domestic violence does not occur.

One event that the sisters host every year is the “Love Is…” booth where anyone can come and take pictures with signs and white boards and write what love means to them.

“I’m the VP philanthropy for Alpha Chi Omega and I planned the events for Healthy Relationships Week,” Kelsey O’Brien said. “My favorite event is the ‘Love Is…’ booth because everyone makes it personalized to what love means to them and it’s amazing to see so many sisters and people around campus spreading the love and awareness.”

Another event the sisters held was a candy hand out, where they passed out heart shaped lollipops with a graphic attached that explained Healthy Relationships Week. They passed out candy across campus.

The sisters of Alpha Chi Omega also hosted a movie night in the Webb Conference Center where they played “Safe Haven,” a movie written by Nicholas Sparks that brings a new perspective to domestic violence.

The national organization started a hashtag for the week, #HealthyAXOlove, so sisters everywhere took to social media and started posting pictures with that hashtag to promote the week.

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