DeBeen is the perfect getaway for students


Located on the corner of Lexington and Westchester, DeBeen Espresso is more than just a coffee shop. Sure, they serve coffee (I’ve been told the Brown Sugar Latte is a must), but there is a lot more to their menu than just coffee. DeBeen offers a variety of beverages, many of which can be served hot or iced, including coffee, espressos, tea, hot chocolate, smoothies and more. In addition to their beverages, the establishment offers a selection of gelato, baked goods (including gluten-free and vegan options) and pre-packaged protein bars.

On top of their wide-selection of dining options, the coffee shop hosts events throughout each month including open mic nights, author readings, game nights, art displays and more. DeBeen truly makes an effort to make sure there is something for everyone, whether you’re craving a sweet treat as you’re passing through or need a major caffeine fix as finals week approaches.

The downside to all of this is that DeBeen is quite a distance from High Point University’s campus. While it is not all the way downtown, finding your way there isn’t as convenient as, say, staying on campus. About 2.5 miles from campus, you can make it there fairly quickly on a bike or by car. However, if you’re without those modes of transportation, getting there can be a bit more difficult. Concentration is key to academic success, especially when that paper comes due and you’ve run out of episodes of “Friends” to help you procrastinate writing it. However, studying on campus can often prove difficult when you are constantly seeing students you know and your studies are being interrupted. DeBeen is quiet, but not too quiet, making it the perfect escape. It has tables perfect for studying without the constant distraction campus often fosters with immediate access to caffeine any time you need it. Hannah Corwin, a Senior English Writing major, sees DeBeen as the perfect atmosphere for academic work. “It’s not like most chain coffee shops,” said Corwin. “DeBeen has a great eclectic mix of tables and artwork. I walk in and feel like I should have started writing 10 minutes ago.”

A change of scenery is often exactly what students need, especially during finals week. While HPU’s campus is undeniably beautiful and provides a wide variety of study environments, the stress and tension on campus during finals week can be a bit overwhelming. Stepping slightly off campus to a place like DeBeen is an easy way to find a new atmosphere for studying and other academic (or non-academic) work.

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