Dallas Cowboys season saved by the rookies


The entire league turned their head to the Dallas Cowboys after finding out that quarterback Tony Romo would sit out the beginning of the season with a fractured back. Cowboys fans now are rejoicing with excitement for the future of the team, due to the outstanding play of the team’s rookies. Rookie sensation Dak Prescott and fourth overall pick Ezekiel Elliot are shocking the nation with their exceptional play through three games.

Prescott has remained perfect throughout the beginning games as a starter, throwing a span of 99 passes and zero interceptions. At Mississippi State he had 70 touchdowns and was intercepted 23 times over four years, but in his final two seasons he put up 56 touchdowns and 16 interceptions. Unlike his college career Prescott has only 1 passing touchdown. Ironically, his first touchdown was to the 2020 stat crusher Dez Bryant who put up 1,320 receiving yards and 16 touchdowns. Over the past three games Bryant has grabbed 150 yards and one touchdown, but suffered a hairline-fracture in his knee during the game that could side-line him for just a few games. Prescott in an interview after the win against the Chicago Bears (31-17) said, “I don’t really pay attention to who I’m throwing to. I just go out there and go through my reads. Whoever is open gets the ball. I hope Dez gets well or is well really, really soon. But it doesn’t really affect this offense.”

Prescott is not the only player in this rookie class putting up big numbers. Elliot was off to the races in his third game against the Chicago Bears, rushing for 140 yards. Elliot, who has 274 yards rushing through three games is finally finding the holes after a slow start in his first two games. After being given the ball 71 times through the Cowboys beginning games, Elliot is becoming more comfortable with the block schemes and the offensive line that allowed 2020 leading rusher Demarco Murray to run for 1,845 yards and 13 touchdowns.

Coach Jason Garret provided his thoughts on the feature back saying, “Hopefully over the course of the early part of the season and as the season goes on, you get better. You get better doing it because you’ve done it a lot in a game-type situation. I think that’s what’s happening with Zeke. He’s run these runs a little bit, run them against different fronts, he’s felt the different looks and he’s getting more and more comfortable. I think we’ve seen a real growth and development in Zeke just over the course of three games.”

If both rookies continue to put up these numbers each game and the offense can find the end zone, a playoff run is definitely in consideration. Elliot will need to continue wearing down defenses with the run game. Prescott will need to begin throwing touchdowns to excel in the air. Hopefully Prescott will shake off the butterflies and throw like he has done in the past at Mississippi State. Garret explained, “We haven’t just put the handcuffs on him if you will, we just let him play.” The Cowboys face a tough schedule this year and could have trouble reaching the playoffs, but big wins against the Packers and Steelers could excel them into another NFC East championship.

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